Eyecare Services
Comprehensive Eye Exams

Mountain View EyeCare is here to help you with your vision needs.

In addition to the routine examination you are most familiar with, we employ the latest technology necessary for a thorough diagnosis. This means a complete examination of the visual system, including a dilated evaluation of the retina and surrounding tissue. We evaluate your visual system in order to recommend the best correction that you might need, or treat you with medications as might be necessary.

We recommend annual examinations for all patients even if your vision appears good because diseases such as glaucoma can take away sight without symptoms.

Contact Lenses

Of course! With all the changes in types and styles of lenses, we're bound to have just what you need, including the latest in lenses for astigmatism. Recent advances in bifocal contact lens technology make these the lens choices for those over 40. If you've been told you couldn't wear contacts in the past, consider an evaluation to see if current lens technology is right for you.

View our contact pricing.

Glasses and Frames

Glasses provide precisely corrected vision, but they also can convey your own personal style. In our optical department, you will find the latest in small and ultra-light lens designs as well as cutting edge frames. Materials like titanium, memory metals, & high-tech plastics have paved the way for cool new frame shapes and colors coming from the top designers.

Check out our frames and products.

View this fantastic tutorial when selecting the best lenses for you.


Sunglasses provide both comfort and protection against harmful UV rays. Our staff is here to help you choose the best fit from our collection. We also offer the revolutionary Aspex magnetic clip sunwear. Have a different frame that you just truly love? Our optical department can have a custom made clip in regular sun or Polaroid material made just for you.

We welcome your visit to our office to browse the latest in fashion and performance.

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Eye Disease and Special Testing

Dr. Jankowski is fully licensed and hospital-trained to diagnose and treat many types of eye diseases. From pink eye (conjunctivitis) to glaucoma, eye diseases should be brought to your doctor's attention quickly so that appropriate treatment can begin right away.

Click here for more information on common eye diseases.

If you are experiencing severe eye pain or having any type of eye emergency, contact the office immediately.

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Laser Surgery Co-management

LASIK and other laser corrective surgeries have become an excellent option for some patients and certain eye conditions. Dr. Jankowski is trained and experienced in providing both pre- and post-operative consultations and care. Our office has assisted in the co-management of many laser procedures.

Ocular surgery is both revolutionary and complex, so our concern is that you are partnered with surgeons who can demonstrate the highest levels of patient success. When it comes to your eyes, there is no substitute for the best!

Children's Vision

Good vision is especially critical to a child's ability to learn and develop physical skills. Specialized visual tests are used to evaluate and monitor the rapidly changing visual capabilities of each child.

Visual problems can easily be overlooked, as many children don't complain to their parents, either because they themselves are unaware of poor vision in one eye, or the child may just assume that all people see this way, so what's the problem?

We recommend a child's first exam at age 3. While children don't offer much verbal feedback to you about their vision, we employ time-tested techniques to evaluate and measure their visual status.

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